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Addressing the necessary skills for capturing the full potential and value of additive manufacturing

We are proud to offer 3D Printer Training Courses that cater to all levels of experience. Whether you are new to the additive manufacturing world, experienced, or a business owner, we are confident you will expand your knowledge, and find value in our additive manufacturing courses.

Incorporating 3D printing takes a paradigm shift in your organization to implement effectively. Understanding additive manufacturing’s benefits and utilizing these collaboratively with your existing process could reveal your next generation of profits and savings. In addition, there is no doubt additive manufacturing is moving quickly, and keeping up with it can be challenging. Therefore, Miller 3D has designed these courses to support your team in every step of the 3D printing process. As a result, your business will remain relevant and competitive with the trends in the smartest and most innovative ways possible.

The Miller 3D printing education courses are updated regularly to incorporate the latest industry knowledge and innovative technologies. Our goal is to keep your organization competitive while moving at a pace that is comfortable for your team. The instructor’s approach is also hands-on and friendly as they keep focus and ensure all questions on the 3D printer training equipment and the topic are answered to the best of their professional ability.

Educating and training a group of engineers


Our additive manufacturing engineers will travel to your organization to instruct each course, which provides an additional benefit to the 3D printer operator training because it’s done on the specific systems they will be using. In addition, the team will not be inconvenienced by travel arrangements. However, if it’s easier for your employees to travel to our technological center, we are happy to host them for the 3D printer machine learning courses.

3D Printer Training Courses

M3D 101

Additive Manufacturing Fundamentals

This class will include discussions of the 3D printing process, applications, and sample parts of the following 3D Printing technologies

  • DMP- Direct Metal Printing
  • ADAM- Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing
  • SLS- Selective Laser Sintering
  • SLA- Stereolithography
  • MJP- Multi-Jet Printing
  • CJP- Color JEt Printing
  • CFF- Continuous Fiber Filament
  • DLP- Digital Light Processing
  • DDP- Direct Digital Production

Length of time to complete: ½ Day

Cost: $200 per person

M3D 101P

Design for Additive Manufacturing (AM) with Plastics and Composites

A design course to cover foundational principles for printing with plastics and composites. As stated below, we also include a part consultation for your company’s specific application. 

  • Additive Manufacturing Overview
  • Think Fresh with AM
  • STL Optimization
  • Why orientation matters
  • Choosing the best material and process for your application
  • Design for support
  • Design for accuracy
  • Design for strength
  • Leveraging lattice structures
  • Design for finishing and post-processing considerations
  • Part consultation

Length of time to complete: 1 Day

Cost: $400 per person

M3D 101M- (1 Day)

Design for Additive Manufacturing (AM) with Metals

This class will focus on new and used metal 3D printers training. More details coming soon. 

Length of time to complete: 1 Day

M3D 101E- (1/2 Day)

Additive Manufacturing (AM) for the Business Owner or Executive

  • Additive Manufacturing Overview
  • Paradigm shift with AM
  • How will AM impact my business
  • Business cases with AM
  • How AM is complementary to your current process

Length of time to complete: ½ Day

Please contact us for pricing details.

Need a Different Set of Topics to be Included?

If your company is looking for 3D printer technician training that is not included in the above listing, please let us know. Our additive manufacturing engineers are experts in this field. They also attend regular education sessions and webinars to remain up-to-date on every aspect of the 3D printing industry. For example, if you need specific help with large format, software, inspection, material application, 3D printer repair training, or anything else, please let us know! We will be happy to create and gather additional 3D printer education materials from our partner resources, and present them accordingly for your team’s success.

Corporate Rates Also Available
Please Contact us for more details, and to book training classes for your team!

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