FAR Certified Parts Produced at The Speed of Light

With the help of additive manufacturing, aerospace manufacturers are able to print Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) certified parts from CAD designs within a matter of hours – a process that would normally take days. 3D printing not only allows for quick turnaround on projects, but also allows manufacturers to produce complex parts at a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing durability, efficiency or effectiveness.

Using 3D Printing to Address Tactical Challenges

Today, the aerospace industry faces multiple drivers and challenges to success. Here’s how 3D printing addresses those challenges:

  • Driving down costs of flight with light-weight parts
  • Utilizing rapid manufacturing technologies that are revolutionizing and accelerating the supply chain
  • Validating materials, parameters and in-machine sensors for rapid quality control
  • Ensuring traceability, reliability and repeatability in quality inspection technologies

Direct Metal Printing Cuts Weight and Cost

Miller 3D is proud to partner with 3D Systems to provide our aerospace clients with lightweight, high-performance components–while reducing overhead costs and optimizing efficiency.

With direct metal printing, aerospace manufacturers are able to:

  • Print parts in titanium, aluminum, or steel
  • Reduce weight brackets for parts by up to 70%
  • Cut production time of parts in half
  • Improve stiffness-to-weight ratios

Learn how aerospace manufacturer Thales Alenia used 3D Systems’ direct metal printing expertise to reduce the weight for their Telkom3S satellite, which was successfully launched into orbit on February 14, 2017.

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