Our Applications include:

  • Architectural Firms
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Appliances
  • General Manufacturing
  • Mold, Tool and Die Makers
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Device and Component Manufacturing
  • Primary & Secondary Education; Technical Schools
  • Artists, Hobbyists and other Consumers

Video: Lean Machine Adopts a Design for Additive Approach to Solve Problems in the Shop

Lean Machine, Canadian-based metal fabrication company, specializes in custom machining primarily for the commercial transportation and mining sector. It quickly became apparent that producing tooling out of heavy duty steel was not a scalable option for the company, so they turned to Markforged 3D printing solutions. Since adding this capability, they’ve printed sheet metal bending… Read more »

Markforged Application Spotlight: Humanetics Thermoset Mold

The Breakdown: Strength and Precision Humanetics uses a Markforged X7 to print molds for thermoset plastics. Extreme Environments Each mold must withstand significant clamping force while heated to 220° F Fast Lead Times Onyx and HSHT printed molds replaced an inefficient, out-of-house silicone process. Massive Savings 4x CHEAPER | 2.5x FASTER Humanetics prints molds 4x… Read more »