Our Applications include:

  • Architectural Firms
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Appliances
  • General Manufacturing
  • Mold, Tool and Die Makers
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Device and Component Manufacturing
  • Primary & Secondary Education; Technical Schools
  • Artists, Hobbyists and other Consumers

Faster Tooling & Fixtures: A Electronics Case Study of Better Parts for Less in Mimo’s manufacturing process

The Breakdown: Sleepless Rest Devices, a company rethinking the nursery in the age of smart devices, iterates through designs for their products and manufacturing equipment at light speed Fabrication Nightmares With quotes for new prototypes reaching thousands of dollars for a lead time of a month, Thomas Lipoma, CTO, picked out the Markforged Composite Printer… Read more »

Miller 3D Replicates Smithsonian Artifacts with 3D Printing

With knowledge of the 3D printing and scanning capabilities of Miller 3D, Walter McConnell, an artist and Professor of ceramic arts at Alfred University, approached Miller 3D with a project – replicating historic sculpture collections for display in the world’s largest museum research complex – The Smithsonian Institute. Miller 3D would oversee the manufacturing process… Read more »

Mark Two Making the Glass More Than Half-Full

The breakdown Pane Points Joseph Walters, New Product Design Engineer at transportation window manufacturer Arow Global, was tired of high prototyping costs and long lead times for their products. Sealing the Deal Walters knew Arow needed a prototyping machine, and upon discovering the Mark Two, realized its ability to fabricate precise, strong, and useful parts… Read more »

MarkForged Cutting Both Textiles and Costs in Industry

The breakdown Service Autometrix, maker of industrial textile cutting tools, produces long lasting equipment that cuts a wide range of textile materials Strength With the desire to push new designs forward faster, Jonathan Palmer, CTO, needed an inexpensive prototyping tool whose parts could match the strength of machined aluminum Speed The Mark Two reduced prototyping… Read more »