BigRep Turns Up The Heat With HAGE3D Acquisition

Written by Natasha Mathew, Copywriter for Bigrep

HAGE3D and Bigrep Executives shaking hands

In our quest to offer exceptional Additive Manufacturing technology, solutions and expand our capabilities, today marks a monumental day in the history of BigRep as we announce the acquisition of HAGE3D. This partnership signals a giant leap toward our vision of becoming a full-solution ecosystem for a range of low to high-temperature applications, offering a powerhouse of innovation and possibilities.

The collaborative path with HAGE3D will unlock new opportunities in the industrial 3D printing landscape. Together, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of industrial 3D printers, featuring up to one cubic meter build volume and the capabilities of a wide range of high-performance, engineering-grade thermoplastic materials in low, mid, and high-temperature build chambers.

Redrawing the AM Landscape

HAGE3D, renowned for its high-temperature 3D printers and open AM platform, will empower BigRep to offer a full spectrum of low-to-high-temperature solutions. The acquisition is built on a foundation of extensive technological synergies, data-driven innovation, exceptional customer experiences, and an ambitious expansion plan, further strengthening BigRep’s position in the industry and extending our market reach.

Acquisition Disrupts Existing Possibilities

Both companies are committed to developing FFF technology, making complex, large-format functional parts accessible to manufacturers worldwide.

Dr.‐Ing. Sven Thate, Managing Director of BigRep GmbH, explained how the merger will positively impact BigRep’s position in the market. 3d printing drives trends such as digitizing and decentralizing manufacturing. By merging with HAGE3D, Bigrep is prepared to capture this opportunity.

Dr.‐Ing. Sven Thate, Managing Director of BigRep GmbH, elaborated:

“For our worldwide customers, this acquisition makes us their local provider of open industrial AM solutions across all temperature levels, unlocking limitless material options. Together, with similar mindsets of customer-centric, data-driven innovation, we plan to form a European leader pushing the limits of what is possible with FFF.”

Thomas Janics, HAGE3D Managing Director, explained how high-temperature FFF platforms will compliment the existing Bigrep material portfolio. The merge will open a broad spectrum of new applications and markets to benefit from the large format platforms.

Thomas Janics, Managing Director of HAGE3D, explains:

“With BigRep we have found a perfect partner to accelerate the attractive global growth opportunities in the industrial AM sector. While our focus was previously on the German‐speaking markets, we now can provide our products globally through BigRep´s sales network, adding Graz to the map of technology centers next to BigRep’s in Berlin, Boston, Shanghai, and Singapore. It’s a win‐win in R&D, production, and sales. Therefore, we jointly look forward to an innovative, unique, and successful future together.”

Joining Forces for Innovation

BigRep has earned its reputation with expertise in large-scale Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF). These printers empower engineers, designers, and manufacturers, to expedite the transition from prototyping to production to reach the market quickly.

In addition, HAGE3D is an advanced engineering company with 40 years of experience in large-format, special-purpose machine building. The state-of-the-art large-format mid- and high-temperature 3D printing systems are precise and reliable. Fully assembled in Austria using industrial-quality components, these machines perform consistently across a wide range of industries and applications.

In conclusion, as BigRep and HAGE3D come together, they will continue to push the limits of FFF technology. And as a result, access a world of opportunities in large-format, open additive manufacturing.