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Thanks to 3DXpert, Direct Metal Printing Will Never Be The Same

Direct Metal Printing SolutionDirect metal manufacturing is a process of producing complex metal parts using a high-precision laser. Metal particles melt and mend to previously printed metal layers without the need for an adhesive component. Direct metal printing requires a different approach than 3D printing plastics and other materials.

The final result: the production of parts that can not be created using subtractive and traditional 3D printing technologies.

The absence of an integrated solution was just another layer of difficulty added to an already complex direct metal manufacturing process. In the past, work flow would be interrupted by the presence of several various software solutions to complete one project increasing the odds of an issue; that no longer exists with 3DXpert from 3D Systems.

“There’s never been this level of control in direct metal printing until now,” Matt Jones, Manager at Miller 3D, points out. “Before 3DXpert the user relied on STL file input and limited choices for support generation.”

3DXpert introduces control from design to manufacturing, an asset for users that provides flexibility and simplicity. Furthermore, integrating the entire process reduces the need for different solutions, optimizes and enables you to print quality parts, and shortens the project timeline.

“The fact that 3DXpert can import native CAD files gives the operator full CAD tools directly in the operating environment”, Matt explains. “Support generation tools make it easy to add, delete, create and unlimited amount of support geometries that minimize the efforts in post-processing.”

Also included in the integration solution is the ‘ideal mix’ of tools to automate repetitive tasks while continuing to control every detail of design and manufacturing. 3DXpert also gives ultimate control during the sintering process by allowing a designer to alter the laser parameters in different areas of the part to more reflect the true design intent.

Global support from 3D Systems and the production of quality parts manufactured in reduced time make 3DXpert an integrated solution for all industries.

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1) Import DataVisualization of importing CAD and other 3D Models into 3DXpert

  • Import data from all CAD formats (B-rep, DXF, IGES, STEP, VDA, Parasolid (including binary), SAT (ACIS), STL and SAB), native read formats including PMI data (such as AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, Creo Elements/Pro, Siemens NX, SolidWorks and SolidEdge) as well as virtually all Mesh formats.
  • Take advantage of continued work with B-rep data (solids and surfaces). Reading B-rep geometry without downgrading to mesh maintains data integrity including analytic geometry, part topology and color coding. This allows preparing the part for printing using history based parametric features.
  • Start working immediately with automated healing of both STL and B-rep geometry.



How to Fix a CubePro/CubeX Cartridge

Warning Label that warns: 'DO NOT push excess material back into cartridge'

The Breakdown

The Problem

The print cartridge’s filament has either jammed or retracted within the plastic shell, preventing any prints. Downtime turns no profit, but tossing the jammed or defective cartridge is costly and wasteful. Learning how to fix a cube cartridge jam is the simplest and easiest choice.

The Good News

Fear not: Not only can you fix a cube cartridge jam or retracted filament, but you can salvage the material quickly and easily. You’re only a few paper clips and a flat-head away from printing out profit again! This article will show you how to fix a cube cartridge jam for both the CubePro and the CubeX.


DMP at OTC: What All the Fuss Is About

Thursday, May 26, 2016 – 1:30PM

As the largest oil and gas trade show in the world, the Offshore Technology Conference is a magnet for all parties interested in advancing energy technologies, efficiencies and innovation. Every year, over 50,000 people gather at OTC to be introduced to and explore the most advanced hardware and software for future impact in the industry.