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Radiant Images Prints Ridiculously Sturdy 360 Degree Camera Rig

Integrated Cameras:

Radiant Images mounts 12 cameras onto each AXA 360 rig. Each camera is held in place with a Markforged printed bracket.

Complex Interfacing:

More than 30 markforged printed parts comprise each AXA 360 frame. Each frame piece is bolted to at least five other printed parts.

Quick Facts

End Use Part

Radiant Images prints the entire frame of the AXA 360 camera rig with Markforged Onyx and Carbon Fiber

Precise Fittings

The frame consists of high strength polygonal brackets bolted together at an angle.

Replacing Metal

The printed composite parts replace aluminum and are lighter and faster to produce.

Massive Savings

Radiant Images prints frames 3x cheaper and 4x faster with Markforged technology.

Siemens Gas & Power saving Time & Money with Markforged Onyx Carbon Fiber Circular Saw Housing


The breakdown

The Challenge

Siemens Gas & Power keeps thousands of homes and businesses up and running. The Gas & Power division — one of three Siemens operating companies — owns compressors, turbines, and generators across the globe. When gas turbine housings need repairing, engineers at the Siemens Gas & Power division need to efficiently cut into them with a circular saw to maintenance the system. Since the housings have a complex contoured design, a standard flat-plated circular saw does not suffice. In the past, the team remedied this by purchasing standard circular saws, ship them to job shops in the Philippines for custom contoured plates, and then shipping them back to the United States for reassembly. This was not a scalable solution, as engineers would wait more than 3 weeks to receive their customized hand tools. (more…)

Shukla Medical: Using 3D Printing to Get Tools in Surgeon’s Hands Faster

The breakdown


Shukla Medical, a wholly owned subsidiary of aerospace manufacturer S.S. White Technologies, designs and manufactures universal orthopedic implant removal tools such as the Xtract-All® Spine Universal Spinal Implant Removal System (see cover image). Their products are used by surgeons worldwide to efficiently take out old implants before replacing them with new ones — all while preserving the patient’s bone. Most orthopedic implant removal tools are complicated and require a significant amount of time to operate, whereas Shukla Medical’s universal instruments are known for their simple, intuitive design.

Shukla products are engineered for orthopedic surgeons, with time-saving features like quick-connections and multiple extraction options. “It’s generally known that every minute in the operating room is very expensive,” said Zack Sweitzer, Product Development Manager at Shukla Medical. “So any time you can save is extremely helpful.” Operating room costs can range from $35 to over $100, though it varies based on the hospital and surgical procedure. Shukla’s tools need to be quickly prototyped and tested by orthopedic implant surgeons to check for form and fit before the final product is fabricated. The team initially prototyped the parts using their CNC machine or sent the designs out to a third party, but found that long lead times were presenting major slowdowns in iterating on prototypes and preventing them from quickly getting their product to market.