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Another Great 3D Printing “Case” Study from Our Partners at Markforged

Caddytown – 2 parts, a socket and power bit caddies – Created by Carl Calabria


The potential for 3D printing is limited only by your imagination.  Here is a great “case” study from our partners at MarkForged, innovators and manufacturers of 3D printers and systems. For questions about 3D printing or Markforged printers, contact Miller 3D.

3D printing caddy


Carl created caddytown in OnShape to house his ever-growing power-bit and socket collection. Both are printed in these pictures in nylon, without composite reinforcement. The nylon is actually great for this application because you can flex it slightly to pull out one of the bits. The nylon will bend slightly many, many times without cracking.

You could absolutely print this on a Mark One with a composite base, too. Eiger will add some fiber layers for you, or you could add some yourself. Adding a few fiber layers to the bottom could help the part print flat and add some stability, but this design works better using the compliance achieved with nylon – the bits fit snuggly and are easier to get out based on the way MarkForged’s nylon slightly flexes.

The socket caddy is also special for another reason. It’s specific to a Wera socket set that long ago parted ways with the socket holder. Carl was able to quickly model this holder perfectly suited to the size of these sockets.

Different socket sets may have different diameters than this tray. If you’d like to reuse it, the best bet is to scale the part to fit your sockets.

Carl submitted this part as a contestant in MarkForged’s internal “Part Of The Week Competition.” It was a close race, but Carl was first runner up. He lost to a shamelessly submitted customer part, that will be posted on the blog as well. You can also see this part on Thingiverse.


Power-bit Caddy
Size 55mm x 46mm x 14mm
Estimated Print Time ~3h 48min
Nylon Cost ~$2
STL Download MarkForged_Bit_Caddy.stl ()

Wera Socket Caddy
Size 55mm x 46mm x 14mm
Estimated Print Time ~3h 48min
Nylon Cost ~$1.75

Miller 3D to Exhibit at Rochester NY AmCon Design & Contract Manufacturing Expo Sept. 23 & 24



Rochester NY – Miller 3D, a division of AW Miller Technical Sales is a featured exhibitor at the 2015 AmCon Design and Contract Manufacturing Expo hosted in the Rochester Riverside Convention Center in Rochester NY.  The Expo is open Wednesday September 23 and Thursday September 24.

Rochester Riverside Convention Center

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Thursday, September 24, 2015 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Admission to the Expo for attendees is free but attendees should register first.  Registration and more information is available on the Expo website –

Miller 3D is a leading distributor for sales, service and support of next generation 3D printing technology, including 3D metal printers. Miller 3D has partnered with industry-leader, 3D Systems of South Carolina, as a certified service reseller to offer the most advanced and comprehensive 3D digital design and fabrication solutions available today.

Screen shot 2015-09-22 at 4.04.45 PM

Miller 3D brings this expertise and experience to the AmCon Expo in the Greater Rochester, NY area – a region is a world- renowned innovation community and is uniquely poised to be a leading energy innovation center.

Recently, Miller 3D invested nearly $1 million to outfit a new, dedicated 3D Printing Center within the A.W. Miller facility.  The investment includes personal, professional and production 3D printing systems, as well as software and scanners for sale and distribution.  Miller 3D also offers Markforged continuous fiber 3D printer, the only system of its type in the world, used to create Nylon parts reinforced with Carbon Fiber, Fiber Glass, or Kevlar.

Founded in 1971, A.W. Miller is a leader in machine tool technology solutions and the exclusive distributor in Pennsylvania and New York for Mazak Corporation, the largest machine tool builder in the world. A.W. Miller has offices in East Aurora, New York, as well as Pennsylvania and Canada, and employs more than 40 people in the Western New York area.

Miller 3D is located at 7661 Seneca St. in East Aurora, NY. More information is available by calling (716) 652-8282 or e-mailing Matt Jones, 3D Printing Manager, at More information about Miller 3D can be found at