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A video test of Markforged’s Onyx FR’s flame retardant capabilities

Putting feet to the fire: A video test of Markforged’s Onyx FR’s flame retardant capabilities.

Time to play with matches! Because of the huge potential of an affordable & Flame-retardant composite plastic that can be 3D printed, we decided to put Markforged’s Onyx FR to the test.

In the video, we hung up two sample prints: One of Markforged’s standard-issue, chopped carbon fiber “Onyx” material (labeled ‘O’), and one of Markforged’s brand-new Onyx FR (labeled ‘F’).

After taking a blowtorch to the original Onyx Material for nearly 10 seconds, we saw it catch fire and start dripping melted plastic before the 10 seconds was even over! Putting the FR material in the blowtorch’s “hot-seat” for over 10 seconds barely affected it! As soon as we pulled the blowtorch away, the flame flickered out – not even a second later!

Below, you’ll find a short video showing the aftermath:


Thales Alenia Space and 3D Systems Prove Viability of Direct Metal Printing

3D Systems’ On Demand Manufacturing team delivers critical 3D printed metal satellite parts that are 25% lighter and ready in half the time of traditional production techniques

The Breakdown:


Produce Lighter-Weight Brackets for Telecommunications Satellite

Each bracket mounted on the antenna required a unique topologically optimized design for lower weight without sacrificing strength.


Thales Alenia and 3D Systems Use DMP for Better Bracket

Direct-metal-printed brackets are 25-percent lighter, have a better stiffness-to-weight ratio, and can be manufactured in half the time it would take with a traditional process.


Reigniting the F-1 Apollo Engine with Geomagic 3D Scanning Solutions

Recreating the massive F1-Apollo rocket in a complete 3D assembly took 3D scanning, Geomagic Wrap and just 4 months of work to complete

“It was evident from the start that 3D scanning and imaging were a requirement of this job.”

The Breakdown:


Reconnecting Design With As-Built for NASA’s Apollo F-1 Rocket Engine

Although some blueprints of the original F-1 engine design exist, the basic drawings that were available revealed a disconnect between the original design and as-built results.


ShapeFidelity Uses Geomagic Software to Accurately Reverse Engineer the F-1

An accurate 3D model of the F-1 engine can now be used for analysis, flow path definition, clearances, and re-creation and manufacturing of the original parts using new materials.