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When looking for a material that is durable and flexible at thin widths, nylon is the solution. With its low friction factor and high adhesion capabilities, projects that require movement will fit nylon’s properties well.

Nylon includes synthetic polymers which can be processed into various shapes, colors, and sizes.


Specialty Materials

Certain projects require special materials to meet the needs of various functions. It’s here that creativity comes to life with the introduction of uncommon materials.

Specialty materials include unconventional materials such as wood, ceramics, and more.


Markforged Parts Tough it Out in Battle


Cost Time
Printed on Markforged $54.70 52 hours
Machined from Aluminum $1,090.41 3-5 days + shipping
By the end of one Competition Weekend, the printer has paid for itself.

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Designing to Win

Blades spinning, blasts of fire, swinging weapons: this is the world of combat robotics. If designers want their robots to have any chance of winning, they have to design their bots to be sturdy enough to take dozens of hits, yet powerful and light enough that their robots can strike fast and hard. Many of these contraptions are built from hardened steel, heavy machined frames, and sharp edges. The designers themselves range from toughened veterans who know their way around the arena to fresh faces eager to send their bots blade-first into battle.