Where are your operation locations?

Our headquarters is located in East Aurora, NY just outside of Buffalo, NY.  In addition, we have offices in Harmony, PA which is just outside of Pittsburgh, PA and an office in St. Laurent, QC, located near Montreal.  We provide sales and service throughout these and surroundings areas.

What brands do you distribute?

We distribute advanced technology solutions from 3D Systems and MarkForged, the leading producers of 3D printing equipment and systems.

How long have you been in business?

Miller 3D Printing is part of a family owned company and have been a successfully in business for over 40 years. We have been at the forefront of the latest 3D printing technologies for years.

What other services do you offer?

In addition to full-service solutions, we offer support, maintenance, design, training, time studies, demonstrations, seminars, and more.

What is Blacksmith?

Markforged’s pioneering solution that introduces the very first AI-driven Adaptive Manufacturing solution to the sector. By providing machines awareness of the parts they are creating, Blacksmith gives machines the ability to reprogram themselves to produce the perfect part.

What is Adaptive Manufacturing?

Closed-loop manufacturing processes that automatically adapt, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), to make the right part.

How are Blacksmith and Eiger different? How will they work together?

Eiger remains our cloud-based software that integrates with our printers for print set-up and execution. Blacksmith is an advanced capability within Eiger that closes the loop between printing hardware, software, and manual part validation. It will compare printed part dimensions to the CAD drawing and will adapt the printing settings based on printed part and CAD drawing variations.

Where can I learn more about Blacksmith?

Learn more from Markforged’s Blacksmith Press Release and visit https://markforged.com/blacksmith/ to sign up for email updates.