Post Sales Support Services

The Miller 3D team supports our clients after the sale in every way possible. We offer a wide range of after sales support services. For example, installation, additive manufacturing courses, design, software support, and assistance with challenging prints. Our clients choose additive manufacturing because it’s an innovative and groundbreaking way to manufacture parts. As a result, the technology is new for many engineers, and in certain applications it requires a learning curve. 

3D Printing can be intimidating for designers and engineers that do not have experience with the technology. As a result, the team may be opposed to the change. Especially if they have been manufacturing parts with traditional methods up until this point. To combat the hesitation, our engineers are ready to walk through the design process with your team. We are also prepares to train them to use the technology effectively. In addition, we offer additive manufacturing courses to keep your team competitive with the evolving technology. 

Sales Support Solutions

Our team offers a wide range of sales support services to help our clients. We choose to work with our additive manufacturing partners because they stand by their 3D printing technology, and they offer their own set of sales operation support services. In addition, our team attends educational sessions, webinars, and regular meetings with our partners to remain updated on the technology. We also have the ability to consult with the partner’s sales support consultants as necessary to find the best possible solution for any issues that may arise. 

Our company’s philosophy views the sale as the beginning of a working relationship with our client. We stand behind our additive manufacturing products and materials with continued support. We do not believe in temporary success or profitability for our clients. Miller 3D views our client’s success as our success. Our goal is to enable our clients to create 3D prints efficiently because these applications are an important part of the manufacturing industry. Additive manufacturing is the future of the machining industry. As the technology develops we understand that our clients need a distributor they can trust in the manufacturing long run.

Post Sales Support

Additive Manufacturing Courses

Our additive manufacturing engineers offer a wide range of training courses to help your team get the most out of your 3D printing system. Incorporating Additive Manufacturing takes a paradigm shift in your organization to implement effectively. Understanding additive manufacturing’s benefits and utilizing them collaboratively with your existing process could reveal your next generation of profits and savings. There is no doubt additive manufacturing is moving quickly, and keeping up with it can be challenging. Miller 3D has designed these courses so that your business can stay relevant and competitive with the trends in the smartest and most innovative ways possible. 

Our courses are designed to be beneficial for every skill level, and they range in time from half days to full days. Our designed courses include Additive Manufacturing Fundamentals, Design for Additive Manufacturing with Plastics & Composites, Design for Additive Manufacturing with Metals, and Additive Manufacturing for the Business Owner or Executive. If your company sees a need for education and training outside of these courses, please let us know. 

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