Machine Installation Support Services

Prior to your 3D printer purchase, the Miller 3D team is happy to visit your company to assess the best placement of your machine to optimize performance, and facility space. Depending on the system, we will also evaluate ventilation and electrical support of the space. If you have any questions about the space assessment process, please let us know. 

Once your new 3D printing system is purchased and delivered to your facility, our additive manufacturing engineers will assist your organization with our professional machinery installation services. Our installation services include transporting the machine to the final location within the facility, and setting it up as necessary. We will also confirm that the machine is working correctly, and is receiving appropriate power. In addition, we will ensure that your office is equipped to support the slicing software for the system.

Markforged X5 3D Printer

Installation Timeframe

The necessary time to complete an installation depends on the type and quantity of the 3D printers, and complimentary equipment as applicable. When reviewing your order, our team can give you a better estimate, and work with you to ensure your new system is ready to print as soon as possible!

3D Printer Training

We understand that your team will experience a learning curve after the new machine is installed. To assist in the learning process, the Miller 3D additive manufacturing engineers proudly offer a wide range of training classes for your staff. These courses will ensure your organization is ready to make a smooth transition into your new 3D printer system. 

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