MarkForged Mark One Used to Print Nylon-Kevlar Unibody for BattleBot

DDTv3: The 3D Printed Nylon-Kevlar Combat Robot

DDT v3’s debut was at Dragon Con 2015 where it had four matches and went 3 wins, 1 loss. I am extremely happy with its performance and the resiliance of the printed frame. I half expected the weapon shaft bore to open up after so many hits (including arena wall hits) but it remains as true as when it was first made, probably due in part to the heavy kevlar fill around the critical dimensions. DDT’s fights are embedded below. I was very lucky to not fly out of the pit on several occasions but unfortunately my luck ran out when a solid hit on Algos sent DDT flying into the pit.

Read the full post by DDT v3’s designer/builder, watch videos and be inspired to create and print your own battlebot.  Read more here.