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    Partners in Printing: Markforged and Miller 3D

    For engineers and manufacturers, traditional methods like machining or casting meant week-long wait times for parts, slowing down projects. Additive manufacturing was quick, but the parts were low quality. Markforged exists to solve both of those problems. With Markforged 3D printers, engineers and manufacturers are now getting high-quality, less expensive parts on site overnight, not in weeks.

    In 2014, Markforged introduced their Mark One, the world’s first continuous composite 3D printer. This printer was able to deliver high quality parts cost- effectively and in significantly less time. Since then, they’ve rolled out several additional solutions.

    Compared to traditional methods, Markforged parts are 23x stronger, 50x faster and cost 20x less. Engineers and manufacturers are no longer confined to options with high costs and longer wait periods.

    Miller 3D is an authorized reseller

    We’re proud to partner with Markforged as an authorized reseller. This partnership enables us to provide our customers with high-performance parts, while lowering their costs and simplifying production.