Miller 3D Partners

Miller 3D strives to offer the best possible technology, materials, and software available in the additive manufacturing industry. Markforged, Bigrep, and 3D Systems cater to additive manufacturing customers across a large range of applications and industries. 

3D Systems logo with medical application

3D Systems

3D Systems launched the 3D printing industry in 1986 and has been leading additive manufacturing innovation ever since. Their broad portfolio of hardware, software, and material solutions spans from plastics to metals, and is backed by industry-specific engineering expertise housed in their Applications Innovation Group. They take a consultative, application-focused approach to solving the industry’s most difficult design and production challenges. The combination of their solutions, expertise, and innovation helps users defy conventional manufacturing limitations and maximize the value of additive manufacturing.


Bigrep is an additive manufacturing leader, enabling customers to print large prototypes and end-use parts that are up to 1 cubic meter in size. These printers also create accurate, high quality, versatile parts with industry leading productivity and cost savings.

Bigrep logo and construction application
Markforged Logo with aerospace application


The Digital Forge is Markforged’s industrial platform of 3D Printers, Software, and Materials to enable manufacturers to print parts at the point-of-need. Powered by AI, it collaborates, scales, and gets smarter with every print. The Digital Forge is the intuitive Additive Manufacturing platform for modern manufacturers—bringing the power and speed of agile software development to industrial manufacturing. It works seamlessly through the cloud for a unified platform, and is purpose-built to integrate into your existing manufacturing ecosystem. Digital Forge adopters reap immediate benefits through massive time and money savings on parts. The platform is also designed to eliminate barriers between design and functional part. Through increased adoption, the platform drives competitive advantages by making your entire operation more agile and efficient.