Video: Lean Machine Adopts a Design for Additive Approach to Solve Problems in the Shop

Lean Machine, Canadian-based metal fabrication company, specializes in custom machining primarily for the commercial transportation and mining sector.

It quickly became apparent that producing tooling out of heavy duty steel was not a scalable option for the company, so they turned to Markforged 3D printing solutions. Since adding this capability, they’ve printed sheet metal bending dies using non-marring carbon fiber material as well as metal grippers for their robotic arms just to name a few.

See how Lean Machine has used metal and carbon fiber 3D printing to transform its production:

Shukla Medical gets product to market faster and cheaper without sacrificing quality with Metal X

Shukla Medical designs and manufactures orthopedic implant removal tools that are used by surgeons worldwide. Every minute in the operating room counts, which is why Shukla Medical creates tools that have time-saving features like quick connections and multiple extraction options. Prior to creating these tools, prototypes are tested by orthopedic implant surgeons to check for form and fit.

 Shukla Medical CNC machined these protypes and sent designs to a third party. This meant long lead times and a delay in getting products to market. The Markforged Metal X allows Shukla Medical to produce protypes quickly in house, saving time and money. Check out the case study to see just how much they save each month.