Markforged Application Spotlight: Humanetics Thermoset Mold

A thermoset mold printed out of Onyx with precision fittings matching Humanetics designs.


High Strength, High Temp (HSHT) fiberglass makes each mold piece robust enough to survive in thermoset molding environments


The surface finish and dimensional accuracy of Onyx allow Humanetics engineers to design precision features into their molds

The Breakdown:

Strength and Precision

Humanetics uses a Markforged X7 to print molds for thermoset plastics.

Extreme Environments

Each mold must withstand significant clamping force while heated to 220° F

Fast Lead Times

Onyx and HSHT printed molds replaced an inefficient, out-of-house silicone process.

Massive Savings


Humanetics prints molds 4x cheaper and 2.5x faster with Markforged technology.


Markforged Material Comparison at a glance

In the table below, you will find a quick comparison of some Markforged Composite Materals for high performance printing.

Carbon Fiber Fiberglass HSHT Fiberglass Kevlar®
Properties High strength-to-weight ratio, stiff Sturdy, cost-effective Sturdy, high heat deflection Tough, impact-resistant
Ideal Load Type Constant loading Intermittent loading Constant loading at high temperatures Impact loading
Failure Behavior Stiff until fracture Bends until fracture High energy-absorption until fracture Bends until deformation
Characteristics and Advantages Metal stiffness and lightweight strength Economical starting point, general-use fiber Keeps strength at high temperatures High deflection and impact resistance

Radiant Images Prints Ridiculously Sturdy 360 Degree Camera Rig

Integrated Cameras:

Radiant Images mounts 12 cameras onto each AXA 360 rig. Each camera is held in place with a Markforged printed bracket.

Complex Interfacing:

More than 30 markforged printed parts comprise each AXA 360 frame. Each frame piece is bolted to at least five other printed parts.

Quick Facts

End Use Part

Radiant Images prints the entire frame of the AXA 360 camera rig with Markforged Onyx and Carbon Fiber

Precise Fittings

The frame consists of high strength polygonal brackets bolted together at an angle.

Replacing Metal

The printed composite parts replace aluminum and are lighter and faster to produce.

Massive Savings

Radiant Images prints frames 3x cheaper and 4x faster with Markforged technology.