Now you can print parts faster and cheaper than machining. For load-bearing applications that require real strength, these parts make the grade.

Printer Characteristics
Technology: Continuous Filament Fabrication
Fused Filament Fabrication
Build Size (X)12.99"
Build Size (Y)10.63"
Build Size (Z)7.87"
Footprint (X)22.99"
Footprint (Y)19.02"
Footprint (Z)35.98"
Onyx ESD

Work-Ready Parts.

Featuring the unique dual nozzle print system, the Markforged X5 unlocks the ability to weave a strand of Continuous Fiberglass throughout a part to make it as strong as metal. Add that to the all-aluminum unibody enclosure, ultra-flat gantry system, machined aluminum stage with kinematic bed coupling, motor encoders and calibration laser, and tie it all together with software.