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Productive and reliable, with highest accuracy and precision, a big build volume and the broadest range of materials. Highly efficient Stereolithography printer, with minimal waste.

ProJet 7000
Printer Characteristics
Build Size (X)10"
Build Size (Y)10"
Build Size (Z)10"
Footprint (X)31"
Footprint (Y)29"
Footprint (Z)72"
Material(s)VisiJet SL Flex
VisiJet SL Tough
VisiJet SL Jewel
VisiJet SL Clear
VisiJet SL Black
VisiJet SL Impact
VisiJet SL HiTemp
VisiJet SL e-Stone™


ProJet 6000 HD printers put the unmatched capabilities of Stereolightography technology, fine-tuned for cost-efficiency and unrivaled material availability, into a smaller footprint. Print with fine feature detail in a wide choice of VisiJet® performance engineered materials that match or exceed traditional plastic properties.