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With a generous build volume and 5X-10X faster print speeds, create high resolution full CMYK large models or high volumes of parts, at up to 7X lower part cost than other technologies.

ProJet 860 Pro
Printer Characteristics
Technology: ColorJet Printing
Build Size (X)20"
Build Size (Y)15"
Build Size (Z)9"
Footprint (X)47"
Footprint (Y)46"
Footprint (Z)68"
Material(s)Visijet PXL
6 Million Colors


The ProJet® CJP 860Pro is our most productive professional CMYK full-color 3D printer, featuring our largest build volume and highest resolution. Print higher volume or large-scale concept models with ease at every stage of design and development to quickly and affordably explore more design options, obtain feedback, refine and repeat the cycle until designs are perfect, reducing costly changes later in the process.