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The ProX DMP 320 offers exchangeable manufacturing modules that support rapid material change or replenishment, in line with the printer configuration selected.

Markforged ProX DMP 320
Printer Characteristics
Technology: Direct Metal Printing
Build Size (X)10.82"
Build Size (Y)10.82"
Build Size (Z)16.53"
Footprint (X)93"
Footprint (Y)91"
Footprint (Z)91"
Material(s)LaserForm™ Ti Gr. 1
LaserForm™ Ti Gr. 5
LaserForm™ Ti Gr. 23
LaserForm™ Ti Gr. 23
LaserForm™ Stainless 316L
LaserForm™ Ni718
LaserForm™ Ni625
LaserForm™ ALSi10Mg
LaserForm™ 17-4PH
LaserForm™ CoCrF75


The ProX DMP 320 is easily scalable for high volume part production. A central server manages print jobs, materials, settings and maintenance for 24/7 productivity. Shared resources, including cooling and powder recycling systems, increases efficiency.