Productive and reliable, with highest accuracy and precision, a big build volume and the broadest range of materials. Highly efficient Stereolithography printer, with minimal waste.

ProX 800
Printer Characteristics
Technology: Stereolithography
Build Size (X)26"
Build Size (Y)30"
Build Size (Z)22"
Footprint (X)50"
Footprint (Y)63"
Footprint (Z)89"
Material(s)Accura 25
Accura 48 HTR
Accura 55
Accura 60
Accura ABS Black
Accura Amethyst
Accura CastPro
Accura ClearVue
Accura eStone
Accura PEAK
Accura PP White
Accura Sapphire
Accura SL 5530
Accura Xtreme
Xtreme White 200
Accura Bluestone


The ProX 800 printer gives you one single point of contact for expert application support and daily use of our gold standard Stereolithography technology. The spectrum of Accura® materials is developed and customized to our SLA print engines. Choose from the broadest range of materials: polypropylene-like, tough/durable, clear, casting, high-temp and composites and specialty materials to meet your application and product requirements.