A hand holding a small gear part, printed in A2 Tool Steel, shown up close in front of a Markforged Metal X print bed
  • Greta
  • June 20, 2019
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Printing A2 Tool Steel at the DEX EXPO

Video Transcript:

Hello Everyone, this is Matt Jones from Miller 3D. We’re at the Design and Engineering eXpo (DEX) in Sherbrook, Quebec today and we have the Mark Two, the Metal X, and the Markforged X7 all printing parts today.

The New A2 Tool Steel: First Run

What I wanted to show you is that on the Metal X, we’re using the new A2 Tool Steel. We completed our first print with A2 today. It’s this little gear part here.

Why A2 is important: Tough Stuff!

A2 is very good for tooling & fixturing, and a lot of manufacturers/machine-shops like A2 because of the hardness that they can achieve. Right out of the sinterer, it will be around 52 Rockwell, and then you can heat treat it up to 60-62 Rockwell if you need to.

Contact us to learn more about A2 tool steel

So there you go; this is our first print with A2 tool steel. If you’d like to learn more about Markforged, The Metal X, or composites, you can reach us at Miller3DPrinting.com.