Accura AMX High Temp 300C

Accura AMX High Temp 300C is an ultra-high temperature stereolithography resin that is engineered to meet the demands of applications requiring the highest levels of heat resistance. It is the industry’s most heat resistant stereolithography (SLA) material with a heat deflection temperature (HDT) of over 300 °C at low stress (at 0.455 MPa) that does not require a post thermal cure.



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  • High temperature components testing, and general use parts including: HVAC, consumer appliances, motor enclosures, stators, etc.
  • Low pressure molding/tooling: expanding foams, rubbers, etc.
  • Functional prototype and production components for fixtures, mounts, housings, white goods and personal care products
  • Elevated temperature fluid or gas flow visualization
  • Over-molding


  • Production-grade material
  • High heat resistant for testing and use in high heat environments
  • Shortened production workflow; no requirement for a post thermal cure
  • Excellent visualization for parts requiring evaluation of internal features and fluid flow performance
  • Chemical and auto fluid compatibility

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