Figure 4 Tough Clear

Figure 4 Tough Clear resin possesses a combination of critical performance traits including impact strength, tensile strength, and elongation. This resin is production-grade and suited for end-use parts or functional prototypes. Engineered to offer long-term UV and humidity stability as well as clarity that avoids fading, discoloration, and yellowing for up to 8 years.


Features and Advantages Include:
  • Excellent clarity that can be further improved with post-processing (e.g. clear coating)
  • Long-term environmental stability of mechanical properties and performance.
  • Enables visibility into the inner workings of complex assemblies
  • Provides the ability to watch/track fluid and gas flow
  • Ability to go from prototype to production parts in clear or transparent aesthetics
  • Prototypes have longer lives and can be reused; minimizes re-prints due to resisting discoloration and yellowing
  • Supports functional testing in outdoor settings
  • Automotive fluid and chemical compatibility

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