Geomagic Control X

Geomagic Control X 2023 has improved automation capabilities and gives users simple and powerful inspection for better decision making, improved efficiency, and lower overall risks and costs.

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Geomagic® Control X™ is a professional 3D quality control and dimensional inspection software that lets you capture and process the data from 3D scanners and other portable devices. From there, users measure, understand, and communicate results to ensure product quality. Therefore, Geomagic Control X empowers users to measure, understand, and make product decisions more efficiently. As a result, users can ensure quality everywhere. Bring the power of 3D scan-based inspection to more people in more places with software that makes it easy to both capture and interpret scan data to optimize the manufacturing process. This software allows users to gain deeper insights beyond pass/fail. It scans information to leverage rich data, and understand tolerance levels. Users can recognize and address issues faster with insights gained from comparing scanned parts to CAD models or golden parts.

The latest update pack for Geomagic Control 2022.1.0, developed by Oqton, delivers:

  • Important improvements to support flexible and easy utilization of the Visual Script.
  • Improvements to enhance the stability of Control X Automation and the ability to check immediate automatic inspection results.
  • New Selection tools, enabling the user to select poly-faces or poly-vertices on a desired scan data in automated inspection workflows.
  • Several other miscellaneous enhancements to tools, licensing and the installer have been made.
  • Implementation of some minor bug fixes.


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