PLA Ultralight

General-use bio performance thermoplastic for open-environment 3D printing. Open cell structure filament, which results in a spongy texture when printed. Therefore, the layers are barely visible on the smooth printed surface, and the material can be sanded, cut, and shaped as needed. The material prints with vastly altered material properties depending on the print conditions. For example, on standard PLA settings, it’s tough and impact resistant. However, at higher temperatures with a lower throughput, the result is a lightweight foam. This material features a density of approximately 50-60% of a part printed with standard PLA. As a result, PLA Ultralight works for lightweight objects, shock-absorbent supports, or parts that require malleability. For example, forms and moulding or modeling and prototyping applications with sustainable bio polymer. However, to find the best foam/solid balance for your part, users need to be willing to adjust settings accordingly.

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This material requires an experimental mindset because the end results can vary greatly to fit the requirements of the application.

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