Smooth TPU 95A

Smooth TPU 95A rubber-like material produces flexible, impact-absorbent parts such as gaskets, seals, shock absorbers, hoses, and drive belts.


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The traditional methods of producing flexible, rubber-like materials can come with long lead times, expensive start-up costs, and multi-step processing. With the substantial tooling costs required, manufacturing with these types of materials is generally only feasible in high volumes. Smooth TPU 95A simplifies the process of creating flexible, rubber-like parts that are slow and expensive to obtain in low quantities.

With >500% elongation to break and a 95 ShoreA hardness, Smooth TPU is suitable for:

  • Replacing traditional manufacturing to produce high-value, flexible, impact-resistant end-use parts when volume isn’t required
  • Keeping production lines up when legacy parts are no longer available
  • Prototyping for design validation before committing to scaling up production

Color options currently include white and black.

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