Rapid Prototyping Solutions

3D printing was originally invented as a way to create parts to act as prototypes for engineers to save time and money in the manufacturing processes. By implementing 3D prototyping solutions into the workflow, our customers are able to bring their products to market faster. Additive manufacturing prototyping features low cost and quick-turn functionality so that the parts can be tested early and frequently during the process.

3D prototyping printing services are a great way to try out the technology before purchasing a system for repetitive use. By testing out the materials from an outsourced prototype, including 3D metal printing prototyping, you can decide whether the lead time and cost savings are worth the investment. In addition, contract prints will help engineers to compare different technologies and partners to confirm the right choice when making the purchase. 

Prototyped metal 3D Printed parts

We understand the importance of decreasing prototype lead times and having the ability to make slight adjustments to the designs during the prototyping processes, which is why 3D prototyping printing services are profitable and efficient. 

Our 3D printing engineers are happy to answer any questions regarding materials capabilities and specification requirements that the prototyped part will need to withstand. This includes, but is not limited to heat resistance, strength resistance, flexibility, and biocompatibility. From there, we can recommend the best ways to optimize a successful 3D printed prototyping workflow. 

 In addition to composites, we offer 3D metal printing prototyping solutions. These options offer a new realm of possibilities to rapid prototyping contract manufacturers. They can now assess more aspects of how the prototype will work for each application, providing more accurate results to the application.

3D Prototyping Printing Services from Markforged

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3D printed functional prototypes are an asset to the manufacturing process because they allow engineers to accurately gauge the success of new products quickly, especially with the material advancements our partners have introduced to the industry. Markforged recently released precise PLA material in several different colors as a cost effective 3D printing prototyping option. These parts are affordable at one-third the cost of Markforged Onyx, and they are precise to validate and implement the designs without warping. 

To aid in the prototyping process further, Markforged has recently launched Simulation, which is a new added feature to their slicing software, Eiger. This optional software enables engineers to virtually test out part strength and other specifications before the part is printed! As a result, users can reduce the number of design-print-test-iterate cycles and overbuilding costs. Learn more about Simulation here!