Contract 3D Printing Services

Contract 3D Printing services are ideal for clients that are debating making the transition from traditional to additive manufacturing because it allows them to see the benefits of 3D printing before they purchase a printer. This technology is also great for engineers that need a prototype or a low volume production run for one specific application, but do not have a need for additive manufacturing on a regular basis.

3D Contract Printed parts

Miller 3D offers custom 3D printing services for R&D, prototyping, and low volume production parts. Our experienced additive manufacturing engineers will customize the parts according to the necessary specifications and intended use. Our 3D printing services also offer a wide variety of additive manufacturing materials, software, technology, and printers. 

Once we receive the CAD design, our additive manufacturing engineers will evaluate the part, and the intended use. Next, we will create a customized 3D printing service plan for your specific application. 

As a result, our client will receive custom parts that are created with less time, less material waste, and more detail than traditional manufacturing. This is the best way to see the difference that additive manufacturing can make for your business.

When submitting CAD designs, please also include any and all intended use details. It’s also important for our team to be aware of any heat resistance, strength resistance, or biocompatibility requirements in the beginning of the contract 3D printing process.  

Please note: we do not compete in contract pricing quotes with our clients. 

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Contract 3D Printing

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    Miller 3D uses the latest additive manufacturing technology to transform our client’s CAD designs into parts accurately and efficiently. We also offer full transparency of the 3D Parts manufacturing process with our clients. If you have any questions about the contract 3D printing service, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. 

    All file uploads are secure and confidential. If you need a non-disclosure agreement to move forward with your 3D Printing Service quote, please contact us at

    Rapid Prototyping Solutions

    Save time and money with rapid prototyping solutions! 


    We proudly help our 3D parts contract manufacturing clients bring their products to market faster. 3D printing prototyping solutions feature low cost and quick-turn functionality so that the parts can be tested early and frequently during the process.


    Prototyping parts and products using traditional methods is not always efficient on time or cost. Especially when it comes to the production of something that may or may not work for the application. Therefore, the Miller 3D printing engineers are ready to help our clients improve profitability and efficiency with our 3D prototypes contract manufacturing services. 


    Our 3D printing engineers are happy to answer any questions regarding materials capabilities that the part will need to withstand. This includes, but is not limited to heat resistance, strength resistance, and biocompatibility. From there, we can recommend the best ways to optimize the success of the prototype.

    In addition, we proudly offer 3D metal printing prototyping. Now, our clients can not only assess how the part will fit, but also how it will withstand stress, and heat. Therefore, it provides a more accurate result when testing the prototype.

    Prototyped metal 3D Printed parts

    The 3D Printing Team Behind Your Additive Manufacturing Project

    At Miller 3D, we keep an inventory of materials and printers within our manufacturing center. We proudly offer contract 3D Printing services because it provides our team with updated experience on the latest additive manufacturing innovations. Our team also trains exclusively with our partners; Markforged, 3D Systems, and Bigrep, especially when a new level of innovation is introduced. These tutorials provide us with a knowledge base and skill set for the 3D printers and materials we are using. 

    This experience directly benefits our 3D printing contract clients. We are eager to apply this experience to complicated designs, and intricate applications. In addition, we can consult our network of 3D printing professionals if needed. If our additive manufacturing engineers have the printers and materials available in our local manufacturing center, we will complete the application in house. However, if the technology is not available locally, we will outsource the project to the applicable partner. 

    The Difference Between Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing

    2nd Generation Markforged Metal X

    The One Miller team understands that additive and subtractive manufacturing must work in unison to be effective. When it comes to fabrication technologies, one size does not fit all because each method contains its own set of benefits and limitations. 

    Since additive manufacturing is much more versatile, the designs for the parts have almost no limitations. Here at Miller 3D, we can create parts that are much lighter, but just as strong as their machined counterparts. In addition, 3D printing is great for highly detailed, intricate designs. With custom 3D printing services, the engineer can make adjustments on the low volume production runs as needed to increase cost and time efficiency compared to traditional manufacturing. In addition, 3D prototypes contract manufacturing services offer very minimal material waste and great post-production inspection methods. 

    When it comes to production in large volumes, subtractive manufacturing is currently the favorable method for most applications. The parts come out stronger than with 3D printing because the original integrity of the material is preserved. As a result, the overall quality of the build is higher. Commonplace subtractive manufacturing methods, such as CNC machining also does not leave behind any visible layer lines. So, the parts require little to no post-processing.     

    The One Miller Team Advantage to Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing

    Since the One Miller team caters to both additive and subtractive manufacturing, we have the knowledge base to help your company reach their manufacturing goals for optimal efficiency and profitability. We understand the entirety of the manufacturing industry, and everything that goes into it. This means that our clients benefit from this wide range of experience. If we see an application that could be improved with the other method, we will work with our colleagues to find the solution internally. There are also projects that benefit from a hybrid approach, combining both methods for a truly unique result.